6-week Session 2022

Welcome to the
Middlebury Chinese School!

Please refer to the information below and at the links provided as you prepare for your summer of language study at Middlebury College.

Questions and Assistance 
Mimi Clark, Assistant Director
Middlebury Chinese School
mclark@middlebury.edu (email contact preferred)

Six-Week Graduate Program

The Middlebury Chinese School, founded in 1966, is the longest running program in the United States for Chinese language instruction.  The Middlebury Chinese School is an accredited residential language learning program on the campus of Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. One of 13 languages available through the Middlebury Language Schools, the Chinese School has set the highest standard for Chinese language instruction.

Courses offered each summer are designed for students currently enrolled in our Chinese M.A. program to continue with their studies and progress toward completing their degree. All M.A. degree students must enroll in the required full course load of three courses.

2022 Details

2022 Dates

  • July 5, Tuesday – Campus arrival. (See Welcome Schedule)
  • July 6, Wednesday – Orientation & Welcome
  • July 7, Thursday – Classes begin
  • August 16, Tuesday – Classes end.
  • August 19, Friday – Graduation ceremony.
  • August 20, Saturday 10:00 am – Deadline for dorm move out.

Due to the high volume and fast pace of the curriculum, it is vital that students arrive and leave as scheduled.  Missing more than three class days will result in a failing grade.  Permission to start late or leave early is granted for extraordinary situations only, and must be requested in writing by email to chineseschool@middlebury.edu.

Welcome Days 2022
We look forward to meeting new students and welcoming back our returning students! Please refer to the schedule details here: https://chineseschool.middcreate.net/event/welcome6w2022/
Any changes or updates will be made at the online schedule.

Graduation 2022
Please see details here:


Details about pre-program orientation and course registration will be posted here soon.

Middlebury Language Schools Requirements

The Chinese School plans to be on the campus of Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, with our usual schedule and in-person, residential format. Prior to arrival on campus, all students, faculty, staff must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
Please monitor the Middlebury College website for updates and requirements:


Please review and complete important information and requirements for students of the Language Schools, including how to set up your Middlebury student account and email: https://prearrival.middcreate.net/students/lsmidd/


Chinese School Info & Requirements

The Chinese School master’s degree program focuses specifically on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and is designed for current or aspiring teachers of the Chinese language. A total of 12 units are required for the Master of Arts degree. Each successfully completed class qualifies for one unit. Course requirements for the degree are:

  • Linguistics for Chinese Language Teachers (3 classes)
  • Pedagogy: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (4 classes)
  • Culture: Core and Manifestation of Communication (2 classes)
  • Special Topics/Electives (2 classes)
  • Experiential Learning/Teaching Practicum (1 class)

Students in their first year must take the Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Introduction to Chinese Linguistics. Students in their final year must take the Teaching Practicum class.

Students of all ages and language levels are encouraged to participate in our co-curricular workshops, social activities, sports teams (badminton, soccer, volleyball), lectures, concerts, off-campus lake visit and hikes., and performance night.

Review Chinese School activities.


Course advising and registration this year will take place virtually before arrival on campus to facilitate the purchase of materials for courses.

Required text books are listed with each class on the Course Detail page.
Please see information and ordering instructions on the Course Detail page.


All Chinese School students and faculty are expected to eat lunch and dinner together in our assigned dining hall during our assigned meal times. Meal times are essential for developing friendships and community, student language acquisition and practice, teacher mentoring, and communication of School news.

Lunch 12:00 noon-1:00 pm
Dinner  6:00-7:00 pm (starting June 24)

Weekend meals are served in Proctor and Ross (open dining).
Continental breakfast is served 7:00-10:30 with a more substantial brunch menu 10:30-1:00. Dinner is served from 5:30-8:20.
The Language Pledge is expected during all mixed-language meals.

Review and submit Dietary Request Form.
Learn more about Campus Dining.

Chinese School students and faculty live together in designated residence halls on the Middlebury College campus. Students will be housed in single rooms on gender-specific floors or wings with gender-specific bath/shower rooms. One or all of our dorms will have shared laundry facilities, lounges, and kitchens. Most campus dorms are older with less-than-state-of-the-art air cooling systems so be prepared for warm summer nights.
(Fans can be purchases on campus or in town.)

In early June, you will receive a Middlebury email link to a self-service housing portal to access with your Middlebury email credentials to see your room assignment. You will receive your door security code after completing campus check in.

The Language Pledge is expected in all of our shared spaces and throughout campus.

Learn more about Residential Living at Middlebury.
See Campus Map.

The Language Pledge will be in place for all students when you  arrive on campus in July. The Pledge encourages students to practice their language skills, and  during campus life throughout the day. Chinese School graduate students are encouraged to assist and mentor students at all levels during meal times and social events!


While our classrooms will be on campus, students must be able to access course materials online, including PDF documents, video, media, slides, etc. A reliable internet accessible device such as a laptop or desktop computer with audio speakers/headphones will be required.

Review  Resources for Language School students.
See Computer Support on Campus.
Bookmark Email/Account Support.

Textbook requirements for each course can be found here:

In early/mid June, you will be provided with course advising and scheduling. You will then be able to proceed with ordering required textbooks. Shipping times may require that you have your books delivered to your campus mailbox, so please wait until your level is confirmed. Books (and other items) sent to campus must be delivered no earlier than one week prior to your program start date.

Please do not order your books until your courses are confirmed.

Books may be purchased from any source, including the Middlebury Online Bookstore.
See instructions for how to order textbooks from Middlebury: LS Virtual Bookstore Tutorial.

A limited number of textbooks will be on reserve for students registered for each course.

MBS Customer Service        (800) 325-3252
MBS International Orders     (573) 441-9179

General Information

Chinese School students, teachers, and bilingual support staff will live together in Chinese-only campus dorms with single gender bath facilities in a hall with mostly single and some double rooms. Members of the Chinese School community (students, faculty, and staff) are expected to eat together at set meal times in the dining hall, as these and other informal gatherings, such as sport and social events, are critical opportunities for language practice and community building. While other Language Schools will be on campus and sharing campus facilities at the same time, all students are required by the Language Pledge to stay in their own language at all times.

Learn more about Middlebury College: https://www.middlebury.edu/about/campus

Tour the Middlebury campus online:
>>Virtual Tour: https://vimeo.com/72660526
>>Fall: https://vimeo.com/108131222
>>Summer: https://vimeo.com/70966915

A campus map is available online here.

On campus, all Language School students will have access to:

Campus Athletic Facilities
Campus Laundry
Campus Library

In town, students can shop and visit local businesses: Shops, Services, and Restaurants in the Town of Middlebury


Please see  Course Credit

Grades may be viewed online in your Middlebury student account after they are posted: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/academic/records/bannerweb/grades

Transcripts of your completed Middlebury courses may be obtained from the Middlebury registrar:

For additional information and assistance with transcripts and credit transfer, please contact the Registrar’s Office.


A variety of resources to support the physical and mental well-being of our students are available on campus, including:

The Anderson Freeman Resource Center provides intercultural support and resources.

The Athletic Center offers an indoor pool, weight room, tennis courts, squash courts, cardio equipment, and indoor track. **The Chinese School will have soccer and volleyball teams, so bring your sports equipment if you wish to participate.

The Campus Health Center provides physical and mental health support services, including 24/7 access to Midd TeleHealth. The nearby Porter Hospital offers a walk-in health clinic.

The Disability Resource Center provides accessibility and accommodation information and support. Special Needs Identification Form

Vaccinations for all infectious diseases are highly recommended/required prior to your stay at Middlebury. Should there be an outbreak on campus, those without proof of vaccination will be quarantined or required to leave campus.
Language Schools Covid FAQ
Vermont requirements for colleges and universities

The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office at Middlebury College will send an email to admitted students after March 1 to assist with any visa documentation required to attend the Language Schools. All students who are non-U.S. citizens must please see Item 1.3 here: https://prearrival.middcreate.net/students/lsmidd/enroll/

After March 1, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at Middlebury College will contact via email each enrolled student identified as non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. permanent resident to assist with any visa documentation required to attend the Language Schools.

By May 1
, please complete all visa requirements as directed by ISSS.
>>See visa information and requirements here: http://www.middlebury.edu/international/isss/visas


Whether you are looking for job or internship or an employee, wondering about a career, or just gathering information, this is the place to start: https://www.middlebury.edu/office/careers-internships

All Language School students will commit to the focus of their chosen language of study for the duration of the summer session. The Pledge is like a ‘focus bubble’ that will enable you to concentrate on your target language without interruption and thus get the most out of your efforts, studies, and time.

“In signing this Language Pledge®, I agree to use Chinese as my only language of communication while attending the Middlebury Language Schools. I understand that failure to comply with this Pledge may result in my expulsion without credit or refund.”

The Language Pledge supports a solid foundation in language—reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Outside the classroom, the Pledge encourages meaningful engagement and fluency acquisition as students participate in daily activities. Adherence to the spirit of the Pledge and a sincere effort to use Chinese as exclusively as possible during the session will increase language skill. By staying in your target language 24/7, you will assist yourself in training your brain to think in Chinese, and support your peers in their language-learning commitment as well. Students in the Chinese School will commit themselves to the Language Pledge on the first Monday night of the session.

Students who violate the Pledge risk expulsion and loss of future admission to the Language Schools.*

*While conversations with family, friends, and/or colleagues may be necessary, it is recommended that communications not in Chinese (calls, texts, email, social, news) must be firmly limited, i.e. once a week. Non-Chinese conversations must be done out of earshot of other language students.  Speaking English in the presence of other students attending the Chinese School, and other Language Schools, is a direct violation of the Pledge and must be avoided at all times.

Details of the Language Pledge will be reviewed during Orientation.

Please see:
Prepare for Immersion
Language Pledge Defined
Strategies for managing language immersion

Pick up mail and packages from the mail room in the McCullough Student Center Mail Room.

Forward and address packages to:

Your Name – Middlebury Chinese School STUDENT
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury, VT  05753

Your campus photo identity card is required to enter residential and dining halls, borrow library books, and more.
Please be sure to upload your profile photo prior to your arrival so that your I.D. card is printed and ready for you upon check-in.
See Item 2.3 here:

Instructions and photo upload are located online here:

Each student attending the Language Schools must understand and abide by Middlebury College policies. Please review important policies here:


See list here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZwYRtwUrGkAaBS2pIqGXgH0-XnKk1i5cJSLwUO2O8N0/edit?usp=sharing

Recommendations include a room and/or desk fan as not all rooms have air conditioning, desk lamp, sports equipment for soccer, volleyball, badminton, hiking, tennis, swimming, tai chi, etc.), musical instruments, and items of special skill for our summer Talent Show!

Bed and bath linens can be ordered through the campus store: https://www.ocm.com/mdl/dorm-life/bedding

(See above)


To plan your campus arrival, see Plan Your Travel: https://prearrival.middcreate.net/students/lsmidd/plan/

For information on how to get to Middlebury, Vermont, please see:
Driving Directions
Airport-to-Campus Options
Campus Parking – Permits, Tickets

Additional travel and local resources are available online:


A tuition bill will be emailed starting in April. To access your tuition bill and make payments online, you will need your Middlebury ID number (See Item 2.2 here.). Final payment of your tuition balance is due before the session begins. See Dates & Fees.

Payment: To pay your tuition, please follow the instructions here:

Cancellation/Withdraw: If you decide that you are not be able to attend the Chinese School, please notify the Chinese School Assistant Director as soon as possible.

Please see the Language Schools Handbook for details on withdrawals and refunds.



Please refer to the following resources for additional information:

Middlebury Resources (on this website)
Middlebury College website
Language Schools Handbook
Language Schools YouTube channel.