Course Credit


The eight-week session of the Middlebury Chinese School is approximately the same as one academic year of college-level language material. Students who finish the session and meet expectations for class attendance, and completed homework and project assignments, in good academic standing will receive 12 semester hours (4 Middlebury units) and a grade, which is transferable upon request with the Middlebury College registrar (or automatically for Middlebury students).

Specifically, our accredited program is divided into four 2-week sections, so students will receive 2 units before the mid-term, and 2 units for the second half of the session for a total of 4 units per summer.  A sample of what your transcript would look like (with grade and class numbers variable, of course) is provided below:

For reference, Middlebury College issues 1 unit of credit for every 30 hours in the classroom. Academic year undergraduate courses are each valued at 1 unit of credit, which is considered the equivalent of 3.3 semester hours; courses with an associated laboratory are considered the equivalent of 4.0 semester hours. Courses offered by the Middlebury Language Schools are typically valued at 1 unit of credit which is the equivalent of 3.0 semester hours.

Grades may be viewed online in your Middlebury student account after they are posted:

Transcripts of your completed Middlebury courses may be obtained from the Middlebury registrar:

For additional information and assistance with transcripts and credit transfer, please contact the Registrar’s Office.


For more information about Chinese School curriculum and expectations, please visit the material provided at the links below: