Language Schools Policies


Middlebury Community Standards

Middlebury’s mission is to prepare students to address the world’s most pressing problems as active citizens and leaders. Each member of the Middlebury College community is expected to uphold the following standards of conduct by:

  • cultivating respect and responsibility for self, others, and our shared environment;
  • encouraging personal and intellectual courage and growth;
  • manifesting integrity and honesty in all decisions and actions;
  • promoting healthy, safe and balanced lifestyles;
  • fostering a diverse and inclusive community committed to civility, open-mindedness and finding common ground.

Therefore, a balance of individual and community health and growth guides Middlebury’s approach to all endeavors, and to the policies that support those endeavors.


Diversity and Inclusion

Middlebury College’s goal of transformation depends on all members of the Middlebury community to commit to the ongoing learning that is necessary to be agents of change who can engage effectively in anti-racist work and in creating an inclusive community.

Campus Expectations

Middlebury College is required by law to prevent discrimination against and provide reasonable accommodations for faculty, staff, and students who are qualified individuals with disabilities.
Disability Resource Center