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Language Schools Policies



Active Listening and Engagement
When your teacher or other participants make contributions during discussions or oral exercise in the class, you are expected to devote your undivided attention. This level of attention is not only a matter of politeness and collegiality, it will also contribute positively to your own progress to learn the language.

Learning Space
Please choose a well-lit home office space with minimal distractions both for you and for your classmates and teachers. Please do not eat during class.

Dress Code
We require that participants during the summer online program are fully clothed during all class sessions and co-curricular activities.



Information and Rules for Students regarding Camera Use
Due to the interactive nature of our classes, all students are required to turn their camera at all time during the classes. Students and instructors are encouraged to use a ‘virtual background,’ if they feel that such a background would protect their privacy. Exemptions from this policy can be granted from the Dean’s office. Students interested in obtaining such an exemption should address their petition to Per Urlaub, Associate Dean,

Information and Rules for Students regarding Class Recordings

  • Instructors may use Zoom to record class sessions.
  • If your instructor uses Zoom to record a class session, Zoom provides audio and visual indicators to inform you when the recording starts, stops, is in progress, and is paused/unpaused.
  • Students may not record a live class session.
  • Links to class session recordings will be shared via the Canvas course webpage. Links to Zoom class session recordings will be removed at the end of the academic term.
  • You may NOT disclose the link to/URL of a recorded lecture or class session, or provide copies of recordings to anyone, for any reason. As these recordings are intellectual property and FERPA-protected, they will be available to students enrolled in the class.
  • You have the option to participate in a recorded class in audio-only mode with your webcam off during the recording.
  • You have the option to access Zoom class sessions under a pseudonymous username. In order to facilitate class participation, you are expected to communicate your pseudonym offline to your instructor.


As Middlebury’s mission to prepare students to address the world’s most pressing problems as active citizens and leaders, each member of the Middlebury College community is expected to uphold the following standards of conduct by:

  • cultivating respect and responsibility for self, others, and our shared environment;
  • encouraging personal and intellectual courage and growth;
  • manifesting integrity and honesty in all decisions and actions;
  • promoting healthy, safe and balanced lifestyles;
  • fostering a diverse and inclusive community committed to civility, open-mindedness and finding common ground.

Therefore, a balance of individual and community health and growth guides Middlebury’s approach to all endeavors, and to the policies that support those endeavors.


Middlebury College’s goal of transformation depends on all members of the Middlebury community to commit to the ongoing learning that is necessary to be agents of change who can engage effectively in anti-racist work and in creating an inclusive community.

Resources to Review

Middlebury College is required by law to prevent discrimination against and provide reasonable accommodations for faculty, staff, and students who are qualified individuals with disabilities.
Disability Resource Center