Placement Test


The Chinese School offers five levels (Level 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4) of instruction. Placement level is determined by an assessment of proficiency in four areas: grammar, reading, writing, and speaking.

Placement testing will be done prior to the start of the session, starting in April, with notification of your placement level provided in time for the purchase of any required textbooks and materials. Grammar, reading, and writing tests will be done online, and a speaking proficiency check via Zoom.

Please Note:

>You will need to use your Middlebury email to access the online placement test, so please review the instructions to set up your Middlebury account (Item 2.2).

>Language class assignments and course registration will take place after all required placement testing has been completed.

>Your Level assignment will be sent to your after you have completed all required placement testing.

>Beginner/Level 1 students must log in to the online test to submit what you can, even if it is nothing, as this will provide the starting point of your learning. The speaking assesment is optional.

>During the last week of the session, you will complete these same language assessments. A report showing your learning progress will be provided to you after the session ends.

  • Online test: Multiple Choice
  • Time allotted: 90 minutes
  • Deadline : June 1
  • Online test: Essay (respond to a prompt)
  • Time allotted: 60 minutes
  • Deadline: June 1
  • Individual conversation with a teacher (10-20 minutes)
  • You will receive a scheduling email in May.
  • Deadline: June 1 


  • These tests are used solely to determine placement in the level that is most appropriate for you. Your performance on the placement tests does not affect your grades in any way.
  • For the most accurate assessment of your skill, it is very important that you
    do not use any reference materials, such as dictionary and translation apps, information found online, textbooks, and any other outside assistance.
  • You may only access each exam once, and should remain online the entire time.
  • If you need to take a break, log out. When you log in again, the test will start where you left off.
  • Tests are available in both simplified and traditional characters; choose one.
  • You will receive an email notice of your placement level and course information after all tests results have been reviewed.
  • You will not receive actual exam scores or results.
  • Beginner students: The placement test is optional.
  • For technical assistance, please contact the Technology HelpDesk
    by email:
    by phone:802-443-2200




When you are ready to complete the exam, please read through the instructions below before you begin.

1)) Set up your Middlebury account (email username + password).

Please follow the instructions in the email from Middlebury College with instructions for setting up your Middlebury account and email. (Check your email spam folder if you cannot find this email.)

Instructions:  (Item 2.2)

If you cannot remember your Middlebury credentials:
Go to to reset your password.

Contact Technology HelpDesk

2)) Log in to the Placement Test in Canvas.

Go to Chinese School Canvas Placement Test:

–Log in with your Middlebury email/username and password.
–Click “Join this Course.”
–Select “CS Entrance/Exit Assessment.”
–Click on Quizzes (in the left menu) to see the list.

3)) Complete the Placement Test.

–Choose either – NOT BOTH – the Simplified or Traditional version of each test.
–Click Take the Quiz to proceed.

–Complete the Reading Test: either Simplified or Traditional.
–Complete the Grammar Test: either Simplified or Traditional.
–Complete the Writing Test: either Simplified or Traditional.

You should only access the exam once, and remain online the entire time.

–When done, click on Account (upper left) then Logout to exit.


If you click on a test and get a robot, you probably skipped the ‘Join this Course’ step.
Go back to step #2.

Or, go to Middlebury College Canvas to self-register (with your Midd email):

For further assistance, please contact


When all test results have been processed, you will receive an email by June 8 with your placement level assignment. You will not receive actual test results. This email will include details about the course website, textbooks, and orientation.